Distribution Transformers Initiative


This Initiative focuses on increasing customer awareness of the benefits of high efficiency transformers and encouraging manufacturers to target new products and emerging technologies. An ongoing priority is the delineation of a clear definition of high efficiency for program administrators and the low voltage distribution transformer market.


Between 2011 and January 2016 the Initiative supported a significant shift in the market for low voltage, dry-type distribution transformers by defining high performance for program administrators, end users, and product providers. Over that time the number of high performance transformers qualifying for the CEE tier 1 specification increased from fewer than 100 to more than 450, improving end user access to high efficiency equipment across the US and Canada.

With new Federal minimum standards closely aligned with CEE tier 1 taking effect in 2016 and limits on the cost-effective energy savings potential for an enhanced specification, the Initiative will focus on achieving the significant energy savings still available through the replacement of older, less efficient equipment.

By promoting the CEE C&I Distribution Transformers Initiative in 2015, members continued to stimulate the market. The number of products qualifying at the CEE tier 1 specification increased to 472, and tier 2 qualifying products increased to 29.

Data Source:
Industrial Distribution Transformers

How to Participate

As with all CEE initiatives, participation in the C&I Distribution Transformers Initiative is voluntary. To be considered an Initiative participant, a member program must meet these minimum requirements:

  • employ the CEE high performance specification for low voltage distribution transformers as the basis for program offerings
  • report annual program offerings to CEE so that they can be shared in the Distribution Transformers Program Summary



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