From the Board

Dear Reader,

We’re pleased to present the 2015 Annual Report from the Consortium for Energy Efficiency. As you click through the pages and view 2015 achievements, be mindful of the fact that this broad range of work is brought about by our colleagues who administer efficiency programs—folks with skin in the game, who produce on their promise of cost-effective savings while using ratepayer funds with care. We’re very proud to be part of a group whose work reflects the credibility, transparency, and impact of CEE initiatives and platforms.

The energy landscape is shifting in the United States and Canada—faster in some jurisdictions than others, but inevitably evolving. Taking advantage of this opportunity to prepare for the future, the Forum at CEE looks across the energy system. Topics such as efficiency and demand response management objectives, distributed system pricing and management, net zero energy possibilities, new building standards, integration of customer services, and AMI versus thermostats are entering the deliberations of CEE’s 30 topical working groups. At the same time, members continue to improve efficiency in products, systems, and program approaches for current efforts.

CEE is a 25-year success story of addressing the challenging, often esoteric, aspects of savings opportunities, then exposing the salient points through the 16 CEE Initiatives that impact the market. As you review these pages, notice how each one addresses a key energy end use, keeps pace with current conditions, and meets member needs in a feasible, cost-effective manner.

If you administer programs, your organization’s business model rests in part on market forces outside of your control. CEE members band together to form positions that influence the market and lift their programs, bringing the benefits of energy efficiency to the utility, the customer, and society. As one of our colleagues puts it, these benefits ripple throughout the energy system and beyond, achieving additional goals like grid reliability, carbon mitigation, and customer satisfaction.

And if you are an industry partner, efficiency stakeholder, or government agency, know that we value your input and essential contributions to CEE market impact.

Enjoy this report, and let us know what you think.

Michael Stockard,
Board Chair, Oncor


Edward Wisniewski,
Executive Director, CEE